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    GVX platform with modules for various segments




GVX Platform -
Base module


A WebGIS is a Geographic Information System available on the Internet or intranet that allows you to collect, store, process, analyze, manage, and display spatial and geographical data. A WebGIS combines the advantages of both the Internet and GIS. The Internet allows interaction with remote data in real time by many users users who can access by widespread location, helping to speed up the decision-making process. Due to the WebGIS being available all the time, from all locations, it is securely through the browser securely from any computer, mobile phone, and other mobile devices without the need for specific installations or configurations.


Dashboard is a control panel that provides an instant report with constantly updated information. It is the centralized view of the project information, accessed in the form of graphs or tables. The Dashboard allows a grouped and simultaneous visualization of several instruments and / or sensors. It also enables you to view metrics, generate detailed reports that show new trends, measure efficiencies / inefficiencies, save multiple reporting runs, and quickly identify non-standard metrics.


The report is generated from the data presented on the map, in the tables and / or charts. The report allows you to synthesize information in the most commonly used formats such as XLS, CSV, and PDF.


Let you manage in the background: users, tools, and other information.

Specialized GVX Modules


Integration of subsoil characterization data during the exploration phase, and of geotechnical instrumentation during the construction and operation phase of the mine.


Integration of geotechnical instrumentation and sensors in pipeline and outer pipeline surroundings.


Miscellaneous geotechnical instruments for monitoring during the construction and operation phase of the tunnels.


Integration of geotechnical and meteorological instrumentation to predict dam behavior during routine events.

Sanitary landfill

Monitoring the stability of the landfill, gas production, and leachate, which can cause environmental disaster.


Integration of spatial information and geotechnical instrumentation, which may indicate risk of slope instability during extreme rainfall.


Integration of railing bed data such as vibrations, stress and load points, slope stability and climate. Use of geophysical methods.

Universal GVX modules


future feature


Weather Forecast

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Fieldwork diary




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the GVX ?

It is a cloud platform that integrates geospatial data for decision making that is accessed securely from any computer and mobile device without the need for specific installations or configurations.
The GVX Platform integrates data captured by instruments and sensors in a geo-referenced environment, allowing the rapid and decentralized analysis of the readings, presenting the results through well-designed and interactive user features.

The information is handled and presented through dynamic maps (WebGIS) and a Dashboard, allowing even the configuration and issuance of alerts by instruments and / or sensors.

Several universal modules, developed in partnership, complement the performance of GVX in several segments.
It stores, organizes and processes sensor, instrument and measurement data reducing costs and risks, increasing operational performance. It has the following advantages:

• Automated and continuous monitoring;
• Instant generation of graphs and maps;
• Overview - synthesis of information;
• Automatic broadcast of alerts via e-mail and SMS;
• Integrated environment;
• Intuitive interface, easy to learn;
• Decentralized access;
• Interoperability with ArcGIS, AutoCad, and others;
• Compatible with various Database Management Systems (DBMS);
Contextual layer such as:

- Municipal boundary;
- Level curves;
- Streets;
- Soil cover;
- Geology;
- Type of Soil ;
- Satellite imagery;
• Action plan;
• Localization of field teams by GPS;
• Ground radar to collect and refine information on the subsoil;
Field surveys made with mobile devices to characterize the area;
• Rain and meteorological stations;
• Geotechnical instrumentation data (piezometers, inclinometers, etc.);

Success case

Porto Sudeste

In 2011, a case study was carried out related to the construction of the Sudeste Port, located on Madeira Island - RJ, a large and relevant work with special geotechnical characteristics. These features require not only improved and high-quality geotechnical design but also a careful and continuous geotechnical monitoring of its foundations, suggesting the adoption of a web-based monitoring system such as GVX. This monitoring has become extremely necessary to ensure proper performance under service conditions, minimizing the risk of site disruption.

Success case

Civil Defense of Angra dos Reis

In 2010, the region of Angra dos Reis, a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, was severely affected by landslides that killed about 50 people. Through a technical cooperation agreement between Geovoxel and Civil Defense in 2014, the first phase of a case study was recently completed with the city's Civil Defense and has demonstrated the potential of a cloud-based warning system for disaster management aggressive natural conditions.

About us

Founded in 2011, Geovoxel is a technology company that aims to predict accidents in locations more subject to natural disasters or construction. Our service is based on a web platform that combines soil movement monitoring, and climate information for a number of segments, such as public institutions and infrastructure, mining, oil & gas and insurance companies. Our platform provides field engineers and risk managers with a mobile alert system, enabling them to measure risk in real time and respond faster and more efficiently to emergency situations.


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    Launch of Geovoxel Inc. operation at Le Camp

  • GVX Platform

    The GVX Platform is a Web tool for several modules that allows to reduce risks and costs, to increase operational performance.